Constitution & Bylaws

The Constitution of the Writing Arts Club

Article 1: Name

The organization name is “Rowan University Writing Arts Club” (WAC).

Article 2: Purpose (mission statement)

Writing Arts Club is a gathering place for writers of all kinds. We celebrate and practice the craft of writing by promoting student work on our website and by collaborating with other organizations.

Article 3: Membership

Section 1: Eligibility

Students that are compliant with the Rowan Student Code of Conduct and have an interest in writing arts are eligible to join the Writing Arts Club (WAC).

Section 2: Dues

There are no dues.

Section 3: Induction

To maintain membership in Writing Arts Club (WAC), members must attend at least 50% of scheduled meetings per semester, and members must attend at least 50% of service projects that the club is a part of during an academic year.

Section 4: Duration

Membership status depends on individuals attending at least 50% of the club’s service projects and weekly meetings during one academic year.

Section 5: Rights of Members

All members have the right to resign their membership at any time. When a member resigns, we will notify them via email and let them know their profiles will be removed from our website.

Section 6: Non-­Student Participants

Non-student participants are permitted.

Section 7: Revoking membership

Failure to adhere to the Rowan University Student Code of Conduct or the failure to meet the requirement of attending 50% of the club’s service projects may be subject to losing membership with the Writing Arts Club (WAC).

Article 4: Offices

Section 1: Officer Responsibilities

The president is responsible for composing and submitting the summary of accomplishments during each academic quarter.

The vice president is responsible for sending out weekly emails to all club members.

The secretary is responsible for recording weekly “minutes” during each club meeting, taking weekly attendance, and is also in charge of all things regarding social media. The secretary must also keep an organized binder of all attendance and other related WAC paperwork.

The treasurer handles all monetary manners and keeps track of the account balances.

The SGA Senator attends all SGA senator bi-weekly meetings and will take notes during all of the meetings.

Our faculty advisor will attend advisor workshops, monitor club activities, and approve budgeting. He or she will also facilitate e-board meetings when necessary.

Section 2: Term of office

The term of office will last one academic year. Elections will be held every April.

Section 3: Nominations and elections

Officers are elected by the club in a democratic fashion. Any club member can nominate or be nominated for any position.         

Paragraph 1: Eligibility

Students who are full-time members of the Writing Arts Club (WAC), and have shown their dedication to the club through their attendance and participation in club activities are eligible for candidacy.           

Paragraph 2: Nomination procedures

Eligible candidates will decide which position they wish to run for and complete the nomination form which will be provided in March before each election in April.

Paragraph 3: Election procedures

Each member will vote for each position on an anonymous poll, which will be hosted through an electronic polling system (SurveyMonkey or Google Forms). The current graduate mentor will tally the poll results and announce the winning candidates.

Section 4: Vacancies

Vacancies will be handled as they come in the manner stated in the paragraphs below.           

Paragraph 1: Resignations

If an officer wishes to resign, they have to alert the club and make them aware of resignation two weeks in advance before they resign. A letter of resignation must be filled out and handed to the rest of the E-Board members within the two week advance notice.

Paragraph 2: Removal

If an officer fails to follow the Rowan University Student Code of Conduct or is unable to fulfill his or her duties, he or she will be asked to step down from their position. The E-Board and faculty advisor will have a conference with the officer regarding the current problem with the intention of figuring out a solution for the situation. If a solution cannot be found, the officer will be asked to step down from their position.

Paragraph 3: Filling vacancies

When a vacancy occurs with a higher ranking officer position, the other officers will move up in ranking. When a vacancy occurs with the lowest ranking, an election will be held to fill that spot with another willing member.

Article 5: Committees

There are currently no standing committees.

Article 6: Finance

Section 1: Oversight

The duty of handling the funds will fall under the jurisdiction of the treasurer.

Section 2: Source of funding

Funds will mainly be accumulated by club fundraising events. All funds raised by this organization must be deposited in the Student Organization’s account.

Section 3: Maintenance of funds

All monies belonging to this organization shall be deposited and disbursed through a bank account established for this organization by the Student Government Association, and it will be handled by the treasurer.

Section 4: Disbursement of funds

All requests for funding, whether through check or purchase order, must be approved by the Chief Financial Officer of SGA. All requests must include a receipt or invoice. Money will mainly be used for weekly refreshments, gas for carpools, and club events held on and off campus.

Section 5: Note on Policies and Procedures

Weekly meeting dates and times will be scheduled a month before each semester begins. Each meeting activity will be planned at least two weeks in advance. E-board members should have regular contact with each other through email, phone calls, texting, and the Slack mobile application. Fundraising activities will take place at least two times during each semester. The funds raised will be used towards our bi-annual Pajama Portfolio Pizza Pity Party (P5). SGA allocated funding and spending will be used for carpooling/bus fare to community service projects and activities, supplies for activities, refreshments for weekly meetings, graduation tassels for regular members, WAC t-shirts, and for the promotion of the club. The constitution will be updated once every academic year during the end of the fall semester.

Article 7: Rules of procedure

Rules and regulations peculiar to conducting organization business should be stated here.

Section 1: Meetings

Meetings will be held on weekly a basis. The meeting date/time for each semester will be determined one month before the semester begins. For any reason being that a meeting needs to be cancelled, either due to weather or school and/or government holidays, students will receive any email notification regarding such decisions.

Section 2: Attendance State

Members are required to attend at least 50% of all meetings during the semester in order to be considered a WAC member.

Section 3: Quorum

The minimum percentage of club members required to conduct club meetings will be around 50%.

Section 4: Minutes

The secretary will be in charge of recording the minutes of a meeting. All weekly minutes will be posted to the WAC WordPress website 48 hours after each meeting.

Article 8: Amendments

Any official member with good standing can propose ideas for amendments. Then the club officers can vote as to whether it will be brought to a discussion with the rest of the club. Then the club will vote either for or against adding the amendment to the constitution. When it comes to voting, majority rules.