Danny McGilloway


Danny is a sophomore Writing Arts and Communication studies Major with a specialization in Creative Writing and Rhetoric and Social Criticism. He would like to thank Ron Block for this distinguishable honor.  He would also like to take this opportunity to tell Dan Davis that he is, in fact, right. He would also like to note at this time that Michael Ahearn is far more pretentious than he is.

   Rachel Barton


Rachel Barton is a sophomore English major with a minor in Writing Arts and concentrations in Women and Gender Studies and Honors. She is on the E-Board of Avant, Rowan’s literary magazine. One day, she would like to publish a book, but she understands the futility of her efforts. Rachel’s two greatest role models are Margaret Atwood and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Drew Hornyak


Andrew Hornyak, prefers Drew, is a writing arts major. His hobbies include reading, playing video games, watching TV and movies, and thinking up stories. His favorite genre is fantasy. He dreams of being a successful author in the future.

Iman Salyani


Iman Salyani: Iman Salyani misses her cat. At any given time, she’d rather be sleeping.

Devon James


Devon James is a writing arts major with concentrations in creative writing, new media and publishing, and honors with a minor in French. Her poetry has been published in Avant and Baby Teeth Magazine. She hopes to run away from NJ after graduating from Rowan, and she plans on writing a lot of poems about it.


Brittany Flores


I am a biology major. Basically, I joined this club because I like to write 🙂 and right now I don’t know what to write.

Nattalie Norcross


This is Nattalie, she is an Early Education major and is a freshman graduating in 2021. She likes to write and draw, is an animal person but a big dog lover at heart. She likes to listen to music and daydream a lot. She is a quiet girl until you really get to know her, then she’s loud and speaks a lot. You’ll find out soon enough that she’s pretty weird but you’ll expect it soon.

Thomas LaPorte


Junior Writing Arts Major (Transfer). Owner of News Media Outlet (Podcast Fan Network) and web graphic design company (T. LaPorte Designs). Holds an Associate degree in web graphic design from Devry University. Passion for DC Comics and nearly all podcasts.

Thomas Nappi


Thomas Nappi is a freshman Mechanical Engineering major. In his (limited) spare time, he enjoys fencing, reading, chess, video games, music of any genre except country, and attempting to write. He is also a fledging member of Avant magazine. He has no idea what a “draft” is.

Samuel Fine 


Samuel Fine is a Writing Arts major at Rowan University, concentrating in creative writing. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, cycling, and camping. His favorite word is “nymonym.”


Who said writers can’t Model? No one! These People are Great!! 🙂


(L) Thomas Nappi, and (R) Thomas LaPorte