Professor Spotlight


Today we would like to bring attention to our very own Writing Arts Professor, Mr. Steve Royek.

me today

Professor Royek in his office at Rowan University

Professor Royek earned his B.A. in Communications-Journalism and his M.A. in Writing from Rowan University and is the 2015 recipient of the Writing Arts Department’s Rowan Medallion Award. As a Writing Arts Instructor, he teaches Sophomore Engineering Clinic, Foundations for College Writing, and College Composition II and formerly was an adjunct professor in Rowan’s Journalism Department. Earlier in his career, Professor Royek worked as a reporter and editor at the Courier-Post and USA TODAY, as public relations director at international manufacturer AMETEK, Inc., and as national marketing director at First American Title Insurance Co. Among his professional recognitions are a 2010 Feature Writing Award from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and a series of publicity writing, advertising, art direction, and design awards from the PRSA, the Business Marketing Association, and the New Jersey Press Association.

Recently, Professor Royek published his teaching perspective, “Instructor Lore In the Journalism Classroom,” on Writing on the Edge -a publication of the University of California at Davis University Writing Program. RUWAC E-board members recently had the opportunity of reading Professor Royek’s paper. From an undergraduate perspective “Instructor Lore In the Journalism Classroom” provides an excellent academic insight through his interpersonal (journey) of learning how to not only become a more creative teacher but to develop a deeper connection with his writing on another level. By using the tools that he was teaching his students, Royek, let the visual and participation process of his writing (to) “guide my actions,” which resulted in more in -depth piece(s) of work. In this process, Royek has learned through this process that (he needed ) “to trust my instincts, to keep watching, thinking, working, and digging for the full story . . .”  

You can read Professor Steve Royek’s Full paper yourself, and please do- it is educationally enlightening and motivating.  Royek – Instructor Lore – Spring 2017. ***Please note that this was originally published in Writing on the Edge.*** 

From the undergraduate position, it has been a wonderful opportunity to work with Professor Royek. Professor Royek is a fantastic teacher and advisor. His door is always open to students, staff, and faculty alike. On his daily walks of the buildings and campus, he is always the first person to offer the most sincere and heartfelt “Hello.” No matter how busy he is with his own work, his upbeat demeanor and open door is the purest example of the dedication that his has towards his students’ success.

CCCA 2017 (k)

Professor Royek is seen here with fellow Faculty and students at the College of Communication and Creative Arts Spring 2017 Showcase.

Thank you, Professor Royek, for being a part of the Rowan University Writing Arts Family!


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