Executive Board

DSC_0593 (1)Morgan Douglas – President 

Morgan transferred to Rowan, Fall 2015 with an ASS in English Ligature and Biology. As a senior, she is currently pursuing a double major in writing arts with a specialization in creative writing, with a personal focus in medical writing, and biological sciences with a concentration in pre-med. For inspiration and relaxation, Morgan enjoys pastel and acrylic painting, being adventurous outdoors, and baking.

DSCF2990Amanda Spadel – Vice President & Senator 

Amanda is a senior writing arts major concentrating in new media and publishing. She enjoys photography, coloring, chocolate, and adventures. After Rowan, Amanda plans on finding a full-time job to pay off her student loans.





IMG_0614_Facetune_21.08.2017-11_13_52Rachel Salesman – Treasurer

Rachel Saltzman is pursuing a Masters in Writing Arts as a graduate student at Rowan University. Her appreciation of the fantastic and horrific influences her taste in books and shapes her own writing. When not researching and writing for her thesis, she can be found curled up in her home and playing video games.




17343014_931328185627_8892952006003822962_n squareEmily Strauser – Secretary & Mentor

Emily Strauser is a 4+1 Writing Arts graduate student at Rowan University with a duel-specialization in Creative Writing and New Media And Publishing. She has an associate’s degree in English from Camden County College. Her favorite things to read are made up mostly of fantasy and fiction, and she’s a huge fan of Shakespeare. Someday, she hopes to find work in the book publishing industry, though her ultimate goal is to write a book.


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